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With the recent focus on LEED EB Green Building Certification and the utilization of more sustainable strategies you have probably already heard of “Smart Controllers”.  Smart Controllers are one of the main components to consider when retrofitting an irrigation system to bring it in to compliance with current water use regulation and earn points toward your LEED EB certification.


We are sending you this notice in response to numerous inquiries we have received about irrigation “Smart Controllers” as a result of a lot of our clients being direct marketed by some of the controller manufacturers.  Our concern is that there are a lot of exaggerated claims being made by the manufacturers that can only be achieved when the controllers are mated with perfectly designed new systems under strict test conditions that hardly ever apply to the typical property’s irrigation system in the real world.


While we highly recommend that our clients consider installing “Smart Controllers” to operate their irrigation systems in order to reduce their water usage, Smart Controllers vary widely in their approach, level of sophistication and price.  We have extensive field experience working with most of the Smart Controllers currently available on the market.  That experience gives us the ability to analyze your existing system and recommend the best type of smart controller(s) to mate to your existing irrigation system.


If you are interested in having us do an audit of your property’s irrigation system in order for us to recommend the right type of “Smart Controller” along with other new water saving technology such as “MP Rotator” nozzles for your existing sprinkler heads and “Netafim Techline” drip systems please contact your project supervisor, branch manager or our customer service manager, Travis Gillespie to set up an appointment.  At the same time we can also inform you of the many rebates available from water districts and municipalities that can help defray the costs of up fitting your irrigation system with this new technology.


Richard Wingard


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