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Sometimes seeing the color options is easier than explaining them, so we have given you both.

We bring you our collection that represents attractive, functional, and/or unique color combinations. Beneath the image is a description of the type of color, along with its season and/or growing criteria.

Notice that most seasonal color is designated either as an Annual or a Perennial. Annuals are the shorter-lived seasonal color which has a bloom cycle three months or less, dependent upon the weather, whereas Perennials can bloom as long as a year or more in some situations but is also susceptible to the weather, as with Impatiens and “Santa Ana” winds.

Many factors determine what type of seasonal color will work in any particular colorscape planter or location. In addition the availability of seasonal color, in bud or bloom, is always a matter of timing and can be further affected by the weather. If you would like to be involved in the seasonal color selection, contact your Project Supervisor who will be happy to review the choices available and help you design the colorscape.

We hope that those clients who like to be involved in the selection of the Seasonal Color can use the images as an aid in determining seasonal color combinations for their project’s colorscapes.

If you have any other questions regarding Seasonal Color or are possibly interested in either renovating an existing or installing a new colorscape, please feel free to contact anyone at Terra Pacific Landscape at 714-567-0177 or by email

Thank you.


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