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Horticulture Consultants

Terra Pacific Landscape employs talented specialists in a variety of fields. Some times, a client may need our knowledge and strategic expertise, rather than our services.

Below are four areas of consultation available through Terra Pacific Landscape:

Horticulture, Agronomy

Some properties may contain unique species or special environmental conditions that can be easily missed by the amateur. However, Terra Pacific Landscape employs personnel with education and experience in the various disciplines relevant to all parts of the landscape including the soil, tree and plant materials, disease and infestation. Terra Pacific Landscape includes this consultation in the all-inclusive format. As a part of this service, we provide regular digital photography to monitor the status of the property conditions. This specialty is led by Kelly Parkins who brings 20 years of experience in both field and management positions with landscape contracting, golf course construction, pesticide and fertilizer application. Kelly has a degree in Biology and Agronomy. She is also a state-certified trainer for the safe handling of pesticides, state-licensed as a pesticide applicator and horticultural advisor.


Terra Pacific Landscape uses talented landscape professionals in all facets . Every property and environment presents specific challenges to improve its “curbside appeal.” With a degree in Ornamental Horticulture, Kristen brings more than 12 years experience to Terra Pacific, including serving as the Director of Landscape at the Bel Air Hotel. She also maintains a Pest Control License.


Some clients request Terra Pacific Landscape to provide an analysis of a tree or trees condition, and how to maintain a healthy tree. This is not an extra cost, rather this consultation is included into the all-inclusive format. Through our service, tree crew supervisors and arborists determine when the trees require trimming, or lacing, then schedule that for service. This includes evergreens and palms that require multiple trimmings per year. We disperse these services over time, based on when the particular tree requires treatment. This amortized approach reduces the per tree price typically by 25% below the competition, who typically choose to provide annual trimmings for all the trees regardless of the species or time of the year.

By including arbor services, Terra Pacific delivers a better use of resources, allowing us to save the client money while maintaining an exemplary landscape.

Due Diligence Consultation (Real Estate inspections)

Some real estate transactions ask for landscaping evaluations and recommendations to help with budgeting. We approach this like any other project. We send our team to the property to identify the various species, hard and soft-scape issues currently facing the property. Then, we prepare a proposal illustrating how the property will look after the landscape design, renovation and maintenance is implemented.




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